In order to make summer projects more relevant to students and create "real world connections" this project will use digital tools to enhance engagement and provide authenticity to learners. Students will leverage digital collaboration and communication tools to share their thoughts and make connections with each other during the summer. Teachers will provide frequent input and guiding questions.


Using Edmoto, teachers will ask meaningful guided questions and students will use the tool to respond and add additional comments, art work or anything to illustrate understanding. Students will also respond to each other via questions or statements. (similar to Facebook)

Students will use to comment or question from their phones via text messages to each other or the teacher. Point of view could be reflected by texting as a book character. (like texting)


Stixy will be used as a brainstorming platform to get ideas and energy flowing from both students and teachers.


Glogster will be used as a portal/landing page where directions and links will be housed for students to access. Glogster will also be used as an assessment tool illustrating the understanding of literary elements.

Digital Library Access-

Students will use the district digital library to download reading to their own devices to listen to or read. Annotations of digital books can be done in Microsoft Word and then placed in a common Dropbox